Page Likes on Facebook for your clinic act as credibility: if people (patients & potential patients) like your clinic, it’s likely because it offers high-quality healthcare services & advice. Page likes also function as social proof: if a woman’s girlfriend with whom she shares interests with likes your clinic, that woman will also likely have an interest in your clinic. Because getting page likes is important, here are the first 5 of 10 ways you can increase likes on your Facebook Page for your clinic.

1. Use Good Quality Images Regularly
Use strong images that are professional, crisp, interesting, and relevant. For instance, if you are posting descriptions of how to exercise at home while under lockdown from COVID-19 take some photos of you or another staff member doing these exercises showing best from possible
You want to include images to all of your Facebook page posts because users are more attracted to images, which are more captivating than plain text. The more posts you captivate users with, the more likely you’ll receive page likes.

2. Connect with Other Pages
Follow pages with within the healthcare industry that is relevant to your clinic. For example, if you’re a Physiotherapist follow pages of local prominent orthopaedic surgeons & the like.
Engaging with other pages increases your exposure, as well as communicates to Facebook what your page is all about, making Facebook more likely to suggest your page to users who already follow pages similar to yours.

3. Include a “Like” Button on Your Website
Patients & potential new patients that visit your website are a great audience to target for Facebook page likes, as they are already interested in your clinic or are already part of the practice. By installing the Like Button plugin to your website, users browsing your clinic services or reading your blog (if you have one, which I hope you do) can easily and non-intrusively like your page.

4. Give Your Audience Something Personal
Obviously, you don’t want to treat your clinic page like you would your personal page. However, throw in a post now and then to let your audience know there is a relatable person behind your clinic.

5. Completely Fill in the About Section
Completely means putting all the information in there: the link to your website, your clinic address, the year your practice was founded—all of it. This may feel like a slower, less proactive way to attain likes, but it does help because it establishes credibility.