Tip # 3. Establishing credibility, and reminding them subtly.

What I recommend is that each practice owner creates a professional looking Biography of him/herself along with every staff member a patient might encounter.

These Bio’s are to be framed and hung in each treating room, along with a “head shot” of each person to go along with their Bio.

The result in practices using this strategy are:

  • favicon Patients will be happier.
  • favicon Patients enjoy their visits more.
  • favicon Patients responded better to his/her recommendations.
  • favicon Surprisingly, patients were also responding better to treatment!
  • favicon Patients were happier to swap between different therapists in the one practice!

You can place these bio’s & other information such as patient brochure, history of the practice, etc. into a folder & leave it your waiting room. You can get your front office staff to hand it to new patients before the new patient consult – this goes a long way to building credibility & rapport.

By making these improvements, the practice income will increase as well as referrals increased substantially.