3-secrets-for-improving-referrals-parts-1-2-3A practice owner called us the other day enquiring about our services at Ideal Practice and said that he was not getting anything close to the level of referrals that he thought was possible.

From a patient base of about 1,000 people he was achieving very low referrals.

What Am I Doing Wrong?, he asked me.

This got me thinking about three things I’ll teach you over the next 3 Monday Morning Emails.

Tip #1 (for today): You better impress them – and keep it up.

In all my teachings, I lecture about giving patients a wow experience or at least something that they do not get at your average practice.

I’m not talking about just giving good service and greeting with a smile. That kind of stuff is expected.

I’m talking about stunning the patient with the first visit experience…

So much so, that when they leave your office they can’t help but tell their friends about their unique experience… at their practitioners office!

You see, it is possible to pro-actively stimulate large word of mouth about your services.

How? By giving people a story to tell all their friends.

One of my clients sends all his new patients…

  • favicon A pre-appointment information sheet about the practice.
  • favicon Map, from their door to the practice (using the internet).
  • favicon And includes a handwritten thank you card.

That’s before their first appointment!

Here’s what the patient experiences when they arrive.

When they show up…

  • favicon The patient arrives to a plush waiting room, which looks more like a 5 star hotel lobby.
  • favicon With water fountains, loaded with green plants, relaxing music in the back ground.
  • favicon This patient is asked if they’d like to sit and wait on a massage chair, until the clinician is ready to see them.
  • favicon They’re asked if they would like fresh squeezed orange juice, herbal tea or an Evian water to drink.

This is followed up with…

  • favicon A selection of new magazine.
  • favicon Or 3-4 daily newspapers.
  • favicon Patient testimonial binders.

Until they’re finally ushered back to meet the practitioner.

That is a wow experience.

How does this patients experience compare to yours?

Which patient is most likely to rave about their experience?