5-simple-steps-to-de-stress-your-practice-lifeDo you feel like you’re always stressed? Unsurprisingly, work stress is bad for your health and for your productivity. Rushing around frantically can even infect your team with second-hand stress. Plus, the more we rush, the less we’re able to focus on any one specific task.

It’s time to cut back on your stress by taking a few simple steps to declutter your practice life.

Here are a few ways to go back to simplicity and reduce your stress levels at the office:

1. Kick Your Email Addiction

This might be hard to face, but it’s best to just accept the truth: you have an addiction and it’s your inbox. So many of us spend much of the day just catching up to our emails. You might be in the middle of something when you hear the siren beep of a new email in your inbox, and suddenly your work is paused so you can take a look.

It’s time to detox from your inbox. Choose a few times only during your day to check your email and stick to this schedule no matter what. For example, you can check once in the morning before patients, once around lunch, and a follow-up time at the end of the day after your last patient. By limiting the amount of time you spend lost going through your inbox, you can tune out the noise and allow yourself to focus and provide high quality care to your patients.

2. Give Yourself a Break

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall after lunch, know you’re not alone. According to research, your body hits a sleepiness peak around 2 pm. Instead of taking a nap give yourself a little mental break. Take a few minutes to check in with friends on social media or take a walk outside to clear your head. Don’t stress if your attention is dropping off – instead, give yourself permission to let your mind wander.

3. Surround Yourself with Positivity

To cut down on stress, surround your office space with positive images. Don’t leave your consulting room empty. Fill it with plants, posters, and pictures of loved ones. A positive work environment can work as an impulse when you get particularly stressed.

4. Learn to Say No

You might want to do everything and attack every possible challenge, but sometimes the biggest challenge is finding the strength to say no. Taking on too much responsibility is the best way to end up burnt out and feeling worn. While unpleasant, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is bow out gracefully and avoid overextending yourself.

5. Take Note of Your Motivators

It’s easy to let the little stresses in the office pile up and affect the things you genuinely love about your practice. Every day, take a few minutes from your schedule to list your motivators. Write down a project you’re excited about, a nice thing a patient did, or even a reminder of why you love what you do. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things, but don’t let it take away of your passion.

Stress doesn’t have to weigh down your practice life. To become happier and more productive, it’s time to simplify.