No doubt we all want to stay mentally switched on but how do we achieve this between running a practice and treating our patients?

1. Literature
With the introduction of tablets and e-readers, reading has never been easier. Reading is an active mental process. It forces you to deal with new ideas. People who read often find is easier to concentrate and they develop larger vocabularies, which allow them to achieve higher levels of comprehension.

2. Community Work
Very few of us would say that we have extra time available for volunteer work. However, there can be vast benefits to you, your family, and your community. Volunteering can help you expand your local network and it helps you develop new skills. It may even help to protect your mental and physical health.

3. Go Study
Thousands of people go back to school every year for many different reasons. Some want to inspire their friends and families, some want to learn more about a passion or hobby, and others want to become a true expert in their field. The one thing that all of these people have in common is that they are staying intellectually fit by putting their brains in use.

4. The Digital Wave
Technology is always evolving. New concepts, hardware and software programs continue to push the limits of what we thought would be possible within our lifetimes. Learning new technologies forces your brain to understand concepts that can seem foreign and illogical at a glance. So look at it as a mental challenge and aim to find an application within your practice – because I am certain that this will be the case.

5. Expand on your Horizon
Technology has made travelling cheaper, easier and faster than ever. Travelling provides great opportunities for fun, adventure and discovery. It also provides opportunities for us to share our happiness with our friends and family. Seeing and learning from other cultures up close and personal will not only stimulate your senses but also a sharp mind.

6. Do you have a Hobby?
Balance is very important aspect of any healthy and happy person’s life. We tell our patients but what about you? Having a hobby that you feel passionate about can help you maintain balance and clarity. In addition, hobbies can help you meet new people, travel to areas that you wouldn’t go otherwise and expand upon your usual conversations.