how-to-achieve-and-maintain-growth-in-your-practiceWhen I speak to my clients, I find that it is usually the little things that are missed but, at the same time, are so crucial for building a practice. While growing your practice demands a certain amount of involvement and motivation from the practice owner, working on your practice rather than in it does not have to be a big undertaking.

Below I have listed a few ideas on what to focus on during the weeks and months leading up to preparing your practice for growth and success.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Big Mistakes

All the best things that happened in practice happened on the heels of failure. Don’t be afraid to fail; it’s proof that you are meant to be a successful practice owner. The only difference between people who are hugely successful and those who aren’t is the time it takes them to get back up after getting knocked down.

Small Practices Always Move Faster

Take some time to sit down and figure out how your competition is promoting their practice and plan something smarter and more creative for yours.

Take Full Advantage of all the Free Social Media Out There

Before you go out and blow money on advertising, capitalise on the free and speedy online access that leads you direct to your patients. Blog, Tweet with humour and build your follower base on Facebook, all who are willing to try your service.

Prepare A Press Release

The best way to get some attention for your practice is to publish a press release filled with latest research information. You’ll be surprised how much you know about your modality once you start putting some information down on paper. Reporters need stories, and if you put your findings in a short, easy-to-read format and name it after your practice, you’ll soon become the expert reporters call when they need a quote. The easiest way to steal market share from your competitors is to steal the limelight, and nothing does that faster than being quoted in the press.

Choose Only Really Good People

Make sure you pick good people to build your practice with, as they’ll determine 80% of your success. The best people are honest and have lots of enthusiasm. Don’t worry too much about their level of experience when you’re interviewing, as the right attitude always delivers much more than just experience. If you match the right person to the right position, that takes advantage of their natural talents, you’ll build a powerful team of workers with all the strength needed to build a big practice. If you spot a complainer, fire them right away. Complainers are like thieves, robbing you and your company of its good energy. Your whole team’s outlook will shine brighter once you’re rid of them.

Focus On What’s Already Working For You and Do More Of It

When you look for ways to grow your practice, the real essentials are usually the same stuff that’s already proven successful. So before you move on to the next exciting project or a new strategy,  do a lot more of what’s already working instead and then do the new stuff.

Stop Putting It Off!

Procrastination is the enemy of success. When you feel stuck and can’t seem to move ahead, always remember that you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!

Make a System for Everything You Need To Do More Than Once

If you prepare for a growing practice, you need to set up a system for everything. If you take the time to set it up once, you’ll build your practice faster and avoid wasting time and handling patient feedback.

Make Sure You Know What Not To Do

Everyone should have their own ‘Not To Do’ list. Sit down regularly and make a list of all the things you have spent time on that have had no positive impact on your practice. It’s smart to post your ‘Not To Do’ list where you’re can see it easily so you’re reminded to do more productive things that give a better return on the time you spend in your practice.