adding-value-to-your-practice-with-your-receptionfront-office-staffI’m here in New Zealand at a health care seminar as Ideal Practice is a silver sponsor & one of the speakers has stood out to me, Dr. David Jackson.

Here are some points I picked up on his presentation – Adding Value To Your Practice With Your Reception/Front Office Staff.

  1. The FOS primary role is to bring value to the practice. So, they should be making you money & not costing you money.
  2. The most important person in your practice is the FOS. They are the first & last contact point each time with each patient. You might not like this but this is just the way it is.
  3. The power is in the FOS. They have the ability to make or break your practice. They may be the factor stopping you from breaking through the 150 (or any other No. that is your goal) patient per week mark for example
  4. The FOS must be ‘on board’ with your Vision & Mission statement. If you do not have a Vision & a Mission statement then this is your problem.
  5. FOS must follow procedures. For example – you cannot ‘wing’ the call when answering a NP enquiry. They must follow a specific sequence & script to book that NP in for an appointment & get all their relevant details.
  6. You must train your FOS. You cannot assume they will just follow your policies & procedures. Train with them on this.
  7. You must celebrate reaching goals & milestones with FOS. They need to be part of this as they have been responsible after all for this.
  8. Your FOS must have a passion for the role. A lack of passion will produce mediocre performance & hence less desirable front desk output.
  9. Your FOS needs to be on purpose. They need to have the end goal in mine to whatever task they are performing & also have the big picture in mind.

I hope you get a lot out of this as I did.