anything-is-better-than-nothingDo you know what the #1 factor in the success of your practice is?

Yes, it’s getting new patients on a consistent basis, while retaining as many active patients as you can.  And of course this involves learning and mastering new marketing and practice-building strategies.

But you know what, that is only partly true.

You see, I know many healthcare practice and business owners who know virtually nothing about marketing, but are very successful.

How can this be possible?  Simple.  While being knowledgeable about marketing will give you the potential to have virtually any size practice you want, if you do nothing with this knowledge you will still fail.  And if you know very little about marketing, but you keep on doing SOMETHING on a consistent basis, then you will eventually succeed, even though it probably will take you longer.

And this is what I am trying to get across to you: Anything is better than nothing.

I know that I personally always try to do everything as perfectly as I can, and the same may also be true of you.  Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive.

You see, it is pretty rare when anything will be perfect, especially your marketing knowledge & other practice building strategies.  And if you keep on putting off doing the practice building that you should be doing, just to get it “perfect,” then you are cheating yourself, and chances are you will never begin.

Instead of trying to do everything perfectly, start striving to get as much out of every hour that you spend in your marketing & other practice building endeavours, and to devote as many hours as you can. An excellent way to do this is by teaming up with someone else in your office keep you accountable such as an associate or practice manager.  The important thing here is that the person will force you to be accountable, and won’t accept any half-baked excuses as to why you didn’t do what you were supposed to.

I know that for my coaching clients, many of them already know what they have to do; the problem is that something always comes up and some of them never do it or take a very long time to do it.  So in these cases, all I really have to do is keep these practice owners accountable and believe me, this makes all the difference between success and failure.

So, start forcing yourself to consistently work on growing your practice with the knowledge that you already have, while simultaneously trying to learn all you can.

You should also make yourself a schedule of all the practice building activities that you intend to do, and give a copy of that schedule to the person who you will report to, someone who will force you to stay on track & of course this can be me.