Many healthcare professionals are quietly involved with formal and informal groups ranging from Beyond Blue, World Vision, Cancer Foundation, Disaster Relief National & International, to the community free clinics. For various reasons, their work doesn’t garner much public recognition.

Although generous good works add depth to a practitioner’s reputation, it turns out that advertising a practitioner’s “prosocial behaviour” can backfire. Good deeds and a positive reputation are good, but it turns out that “bragging” can be perceived as selfish and a public relations and reputation no-no.

People often brag about, or advertise, their good deeds to others. Studies have shown that bragging about prosocial behaviour affects perceived generosity. Bragging conveys information about a person’s good deeds, leading to an attribution of generosity. However, bragging also signals a selfish motivation, a desire for credit that undermines the attribution of generosity. Thus, bragging has a positive effect when prosocial behaviour is unknown because it informs others that a person has behaved generously. However, bragging does not help—and often hurts—when prosocial behaviour is already known, because it signals a selfish motive.

Professional reputation and how you talk about good works…

How to recognise, or even publicise a practitioner’s philanthropic good deeds, is a delicate public relations issue in that it depends on how it is presented and perceived by others. Be cautious walking this line.

When “bragging” is taken as a grab for personal recognition, the motive isn’t seen as being generous, and reputation may take a black mark.

On the other hand, when “bragging” perhaps too strong a word in this context, is seen as marketing, it’s a matter of presenting information, and thus professional reputation scores a point for unselfish kindness.

It’s not what you do…it’s what you say and how you say it.

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