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Why You Should Get More Technology in Your Clinic

Do you remember your first ever visit to a GP, dentist, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor? The average person will most likely only recall writing their name on the check-in list before filling out a few forms by hand on paper and waiting for their name to be called. Fast forward to 2018, where the smartphone […]

How to Make YOUR Clinic Reception Area the Best it Can Be!

A clinic reception area is a section of your clinic space that is used to greet all patients and to provide a waiting area for them until they are taken into the consultation. The size of the reception area that you have should be in direct proportion to both the type and size of your […]

The Importance of Taking a Holiday

Need a reason for holiday away from your clinic? Good news: Scientific evidence suggests that you and your employees/contractors will be healthier and more productive if you all take some real breaks throughout the year. One study showed that employees were able to sleep better and were in a better mood after going away on […]

Working Too Hard in Your Clinic Can Hurt You & Your Practice: Part 1

The signs of stress are easy to spot. It’s the solutions that can be hard to come by. If you are just & only focused on your clinic and you’ve stopped exercising, can’t sleep and are eating poorly, you’re heading down a road that could lead burn out. And if you’re far enough along this […]

Practice Staff Appraisal Tips in Your Practice

Giving Practice Staff Appraisal can be difficult. Some employees/contractors react to criticism defensively. And, sometimes, no one understands what merits a positive evaluation. If your practice employees/contractors feel that you take it easy on some of them while coming down hard on others, resentment is inevitable. Avoid these problems by following these rules: • Be […]

Finding and Keeping the Right Staff In Your Clinic

In every clinic finding and keeping the right staff is vital to its success. Not only do you need to find the right staff but you need to arrange and keep the right team members that work well together. Each of these staff members must be able to work together and complement each other with […]

Your Patients are Looking for You on the Web.

Are You There Yet? Did you know it is estimated that 80% of consumers today research health information online? With the wealth of information out there, how do you drive patients to your Website? And once they are there, how do you get them to make an appointment? The patient perspective Internet users conduct nearly […]

Is Your Staff Giving Healthcare Advice on the Phone

Recently a client told me about a well-intended staff member who was trying to be too helpful with callers to his practice. In this case, the receptionist offered treatment direction. As a result, the prospective patient didn’t feel the need to make an appointment. Too Much Information can be harmful The damaging downside of this […]

A Logo is Not a Brand

With increasing frequency, I hear from health practitioners who believe that creating a logo is the primary consideration in creating a brand or branding message. In fact, a logo is not a brand, but it represents a brand. In today’s environment many clinics and health practitioners are rethinking their marketing and branding. All are looking […]

How to Build Better Rapport with Patients

Let’s face it: A person can listen to or associate much better with someone like themselves. In healthcare, the practitioner spends the most time with the patient, so a positive relationship has a great impact on the patient’s experience and sets the tone for overall satisfaction. It is vital for practitioners to build rapport with […]