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How to Deal with Difficult Patients

Difficult patients can hamper diagnosis, make treatment harder and infringe on clinical time constraints so that the patient schedule is virtually thrown out of the window. Types of difficult patients tend to fall into three main categories: patients who have difficulty communicating the problem for which they are seeking treatment; patients who fail to comply […]

Tips for Closing a Sale – the Healthcare Practitioner

Many healthcare practitioners have little or no experience in closing a sale. Finding new patients and selling more to existing patients can be difficult for a healthcare practitioner who isn’t sales-oriented. But inexperience can be crushing when it comes time to close the sale. After all, even sales pros often have trouble closing the deal. […]

Dealing with Missed Appointments

Every healthcare practice experiences missed appointments, whereby an appointment has been booked, but the patient does not show up. The reasons for this range from simple forgetfulness to family emergency. Often new patients may have high rates of missed appointments if they have not been referred to the practice because you haven’t had the opportunity […]

How to keep your Patients coming back

Patient retention could easily be thought of as the essence of any successful healthcare practice. In fact, it’s of such incredible value, that the benefits to both patient and practice are easily seen. A healthcare practice that keeps its patients coming back through the door achieves increased revenue, a rise in referrals, and ultimately, the […]

Increase Conversion Rate in YOUR Practice Using Effective Communication Skills

Let’s be honest. You can have an awesome practice, a warm and friendly staff and your healthcare techniques can be “off the charts” wonderful, but some patients might never experience your excellent care if they never get past the initial appointment. Healthcare practice marketing doesn’t end when the new patient comes into the office. Instead […]

Patient Communication Revolution

We are in the middle of a communication revolution. There are now so many new ways patients can contact your practice other than via phone. So let’s take a look at all the various ways your patients may contact you & how you can communicate to your patients. Telephone The telephone is still the most […]

The 3 Biggest Success Blockers Out There For You & Your Practice

Fear! Doubt! Hesitation! All too often, when presented with an exciting opportunity, we refuse to take action on it until we can see the entire pathway from start to finish. We are afraid to start because the outcome is uncertain. And so we hesitate. We spend too much time planning, thinking, researching, and analysing – […]