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Motivating Your Front Office Staff Part 1

Here are 5 ways practices can motivate their front desk staff to exhibit these behaviours. These tips rely on two main qualities that practices must possess. To motivate your staff you must be a good leader and communicator. Your staff looks up to you and mirrors your attitude. Your enthusiasm for the service you provide […]

Keeping It Simple

I regularly come across practices that have landed themselves in hot water with what they thought was a simple straightforward agreement. It continues to be the simple things that get people into legal trouble. This 11 point plan should help you stay on the straight and narrow, whilst maximising the most of your practice: 1. […]

Getting Your Team Behind Your Practice!

It is now more important than ever that you align your team’s personal values with that of the practice. As an employer, it is your task to positively impact the lives of your employees. If you are hesitant to engage your team, share your healthcare vision and beliefs and fail to reward your team’s contribution, […]

Why is Customer Services the New Marketing Tool for 2020 & Beyond?

My staff and I love to talk to our clients and classify customer service as an investment rather than an expense that must constantly be slashed and analysed. So what does this mean to you and your practice? • Invest in customer services • Invest in your people skills • Know your services and products […]

Why Healthcare Clinic Owners Need to Embrace Social Media

Most healthcare practice owners recognise that healthcare’s “starting line” moved some time ago. The typical healthcare journey now begins online, long before the first clinic appointment or practitioner-patient face-to-face encounter. Among the chief propellants of this digital shift are the: • Increasing emphasis on wellness, prevention and healthy living. • Empowerment of the informed...

Why You MUST Have Online Appointment Booking

Are You a Patient Self-Scheduling Innovator or 10 Years Behind the Times? Recently I spotted an article about online reservations for GP’s, where patients make their own appointments via the Internet. “Some practices rave about the money and time they’ve saved by allowing patients to schedule visits through the Internet,” But so far, many allied […]

6 Ideas to Make Your Online “First Impression” for YOUR Clinic Creative, Engaging and Shareable

6 Ideas to Make Your Online “First Impression” for YOUR Clinic Creative, Engaging and Shareable “First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes,” former diplomat Elliott Abrams observed. But practitioners do not have much of an opportunity to make a face-to-face first impression these days. […]

Negatives of Job Descriptions Part 3

Last week we outlined 3 more potential negatives of having job descriptions for your employees. In this final week we will discuss the 3 final negatives of having strict job descriptions. 1. Limits Innovation Job description in few cases tends to typecast the applicant that means being an initiative or improving the methods and procedures […]

Negatives of Job Descriptions Part 2

Last week we outlined 3 potential negatives of having job descriptions for your employees & contractors in your clinic. This week we have listed 3 more potential negatives that should be taken into consideration. 1. Narrow A job description summarises the tasks that someone does in a job. This summary can be very narrow, and […]

Positives About Job Descriptions Part 3

We continue our series on the importance of Job Descriptions… “If you use clinic employee job descriptions as living, breathing documents that are updated regularly to reflect the changing requirements of each employee, these descriptions can become more of a role plan than an irrelevant document.” Over the next few weeks I will uncover the […]