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Why You Should Get More Technology in Your Clinic

Do you remember your first ever visit to a GP, dentist, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor? The average person will most likely only recall writing their name on the check-in list before filling out a few forms by hand on paper and waiting for their name to be called. Fast forward to 2018, where the smartphone […]

How YOU Can Better Manage YOUR Clinic Staff

The role of a clinic manager/owner isn’t always smooth sailing. Not all your clinic staff members and contractors are going to be easy to work with and ensuring everything is running smoothly can often prove a challenge. So how can you go about being a great clinic manager/owner who displays authority and leadership, at the […]

How to Make YOUR Clinic Reception Area the Best it Can Be!

A clinic reception area is a section of your clinic space that is used to greet all patients and to provide a waiting area for them until they are taken into the consultation. The size of the reception area that you have should be in direct proportion to both the type and size of your […]

The Importance of Taking a Holiday

Need a reason for holiday away from your clinic? Good news: Scientific evidence suggests that you and your employees/contractors will be healthier and more productive if you all take some real breaks throughout the year. One study showed that employees were able to sleep better and were in a better mood after going away on […]

Working Too Hard in Your Clinic Can Hurt You & Your Practice: Part 2

6) You’re always running late. Make a commitment that you’ll be five to even fifteen minutes early to every patient shift you start. 7) You never take a mental break. Taking mental breaks every once in a while, creates opportunities for learning and enjoying new things. To incorporate them into your daily life, set up […]

Working Too Hard in Your Clinic Can Hurt You & Your Practice: Part 1

The signs of stress are easy to spot. It’s the solutions that can be hard to come by. If you are just & only focused on your clinic and you’ve stopped exercising, can’t sleep and are eating poorly, you’re heading down a road that could lead burn out. And if you’re far enough along this […]

Conducting the Practice Employee/Contractor Appraisal Meeting

• Schedule the meeting time a few days in advance. This lets your practice employee/contractor prepare what he/she wants to discuss. Be sure to reserve sufficient time for discussion. • Choose a meeting place that is comfortable and private. Arrange your schedule so you will not be interrupted. • Avoid discussing motivation or personal issues. […]

Practice Staff Appraisal Tips in Your Practice

Giving Practice Staff Appraisal can be difficult. Some employees/contractors react to criticism defensively. And, sometimes, no one understands what merits a positive evaluation. If your practice employees/contractors feel that you take it easy on some of them while coming down hard on others, resentment is inevitable. Avoid these problems by following these rules: • Be […]

The Art of Listening to the Staff In Your Healthcare Clinic

Guidelines for good dialogue with your reception & clinical staff (not always easy!) are essential to running a harmonious practice…  Maintain confidentiality • Avoid inflammatory comments • Avoid trying to convert others to your point of view before you have listened to their views • Show respect by listening attentively and responding appropriately • State […]

The Second Most Critical Job in any Healthcare Practitioner’s Office

About 90 percent of healthcare practices lose new patient opportunities, and money when they answer the phone. That makes the front desk the second most critical job in any healthcare practitioner’s office. Of course, the top job under your roof is that of the practitioner or practitioners. But the front desk is the vital connecting […]