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The Art of Listening to the Staff In Your Healthcare Clinic

Guidelines for good dialogue with your reception & clinical staff (not always easy!) are essential to running a harmonious practice…  Maintain confidentiality • Avoid inflammatory comments • Avoid trying to convert others to your point of view before you have listened to their views • Show respect by listening attentively and responding appropriately • State […]

The Second Most Critical Job in any Healthcare Practitioner’s Office

About 90 percent of healthcare practices lose new patient opportunities, and money when they answer the phone. That makes the front desk the second most critical job in any healthcare practitioner’s office. Of course, the top job under your roof is that of the practitioner or practitioners. But the front desk is the vital connecting […]

Practical Tips and Techniques to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Serious discussions about patient experience often gravitate to how “satisfaction” enhances the overarching goal of delivering exceptional patient care. On one level, a patient “feels good” about the encounter when the clinic and/or the practitioner has empathetically met their needs and their expectations. On other levels, patient-practitioner communications channels are open, and a sense...

How to Build the Healthcare Clinic of the Future Today

Believe it or not, most of what patients want most from their healthcare practitioner doesn’t have a big price tag or super-deluxe clinical credentials. In the future, a sleek new practitioner’s office and warm environment would likely be appreciated. But patient surveys and focus groups aren’t looking for fresh architectural design. The future healthcare practitioner’s […]

The Importance of a Timely Note, and Patient Satisfaction

A brief and timely personal note is a highly effective technique to help healthcare professionals inspire patient satisfaction. We are bombarded daily with electronically conveyed messages; email, television and radio broadcast and even computerised billboards. There’s a generation of young people who text friends more frequently than using the phone. But a handwritten note has become […...

Healthcare Marketing and Advertising Mistakes to Avoid in YOUR Clinic (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)

I know from experience in working with healthcare marketing clients throughout Australia and internationally that every situation requires a unique and proven approach to achieve closely defined marketing goals and objectives. Below is the final common-to-classic healthcare marketing and advertising mistakes that I have encountered over the years. Insufficient (or excessive) budget. There’s noth...

Healthcare Marketing and Advertising Mistakes to Avoid in YOUR Clinic (Part 1 of a 2 Part Series)

The secret to getting it right in healthcare marketing and advertising is essentially two-fold. Regardless of size, multi-location practices or individual practitioner, the challenges involve many constantly moving business and practice considerations. One side of the coin is the application of professional experience to create an ethical healthcare marketing plan that attracts the patients and c...

Engaging Your Neighbourhood to Grow YOUR Practice (Part 1 of a 2 part series)

Compared to other forms of marketing when trying to promote your healthcare clinic, community marketing doesn’t get a lot of attention or even respect. Community marketing seeks to engage with and attract prospective new patients on a very local level, through their neighbourhoods. The most common way of doing this that I have seen done […]

Angry Patients: Ways to Deal with Them and Why You Definitely Should

You may never need advice about dealing with angry patients, but it’s much better to be prepared in advance. Here are some of the top ways to deal with unhappy patients. And as we get started, keep some of these high-level ideas in mind: First, have a good plan for angry patients… The operative words […]

The Importance of Answering the Phone Correctly in YOUR Clinic

If you picture your clinic marketing process as a circle, success is when you close the loop. Getting the phone to ring is a good start and an important part of the loop. But an inquiry call to your clinic doesn’t complete the loop. The ringing that you hear signals an important opportunity. What happens […]