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More Ways to Market Your Practice in 2019 (Part 2)

Here are some other avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic starting tips 5 to 10… More than 50% of your new patients should come through referrals from other happy patients. Do you ask for referrals? When the situation arises & a patients mentions how happy they are with the service or outcomes […]

More Ways to Market Your Practice in 2019

Over the next few weeks we will cover some avenues to attract more new patients to your clinic starting with these 5… A large or dominant employer in your community – or the business across the street – is an excellent target opportunity for new patients and further referrals from these new patients, especially if […]

How YOU Can Use The 80/20 Rule to Market Your Practice More Effectively in 2019

I’m a firm believer in the “80/20 Rule” and I’ve found that you can apply the rule to many things, including the marketing of your practice in 2019. Historically, the 80/20 Rule is actually called the Pareto Principle and comes from an economic study that was done by an Italian economist, Wilfredo Pareto who learned […]

Website Redesign – Is it time for a Website Re-Assessment?

To be sure your website continues to be an effective and informative marketing tool, it should be regularly updated with new information and content. These updates ensure your website earns higher rankings in the intricate processes used by today’s search engines. When a website starts to show its age, it doesn’t attract as much attention. […]

New AHPRA Ruling about the Use of Testimonials

The Medical Board of Australia has reacted to pressure from healthcare practitioners over confusing advertising and social media rules, promising to change the wording of guidelines relating to unsolicited online testimonials. In a statement issued last week, the board said it had decided to change the advertising guidelines to be clearer about the use of […]

Why you need a social media person in your Practice

When you create your social media strategy, it’s a great idea to use the opportunity to engage all of your staff with their ideas about interesting tweets and blogs. Once you have contribution from your team, its best to have only one person who approves it (once approved other people can upload it). Building your […]

Online Marketing Trends you should not ignore

The capability to use marketing tools and technology without having to pay for traditional advertising is unprecedented. It’s a time where you can now build your own online follower base to market and to get new patients from. The social media networks are at your disposal and with the right tactics and software you can […]

Improve Your Google Ranking with Blogs

This article is for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Anyone who has some sort of digital involvement should care about SEO. Without getting too complex, SEO is the great game we’re all trying to win online. Essentially it’s about crafting your online channels, like your website or social media profiles, to help you rank on the […]

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Managing your online reputation can be a major factor in the success or failure of a small healthcare practice. More and more patients are using reviews to make their decisions, so your online reputation is extremely important to manage. It is therefore vital to respond appropriately to negative online reviews. By that I also mean […]

How to Launch a Successful New Website

At Medical Website we create websites focused on your industry and your practice, so today I would like to share our tips on how to launch a successful new website. Friday is not a Launch Day There are a lot of factors involved in a website launch, which requires great time management skills. In order to […]