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Dealing with Missed Appointments

Every healthcare practice experiences missed appointments, whereby an appointment has been booked, but the patient does not show up. The reasons for this range from simple forgetfulness to family emergency. Often new patients may have high rates of missed appointments if they have not been referred to the practice because you haven’t had the opportunity […]

How to keep your Patients coming back

Patient retention could easily be thought of as the essence of any successful healthcare practice. In fact, it’s of such incredible value, that the benefits to both patient and practice are easily seen. A healthcare practice that keeps its patients coming back through the door achieves increased revenue, a rise in referrals, and ultimately, the […]

Website Redesign – Is it time for a Website Re-Assessment?

To be sure your website continues to be an effective and informative marketing tool, it should be regularly updated with new information and content. These updates ensure your website earns higher rankings in the intricate processes used by today’s search engines. When a website starts to show its age, it doesn’t attract as much attention. […]

Increase Conversion Rate in YOUR Practice Using Effective Communication Skills

Let’s be honest. You can have an awesome practice, a warm and friendly staff and your healthcare techniques can be “off the charts” wonderful, but some patients might never experience your excellent care if they never get past the initial appointment. Healthcare practice marketing doesn’t end when the new patient comes into the office. Instead […]

How to deal with Difficult Patients

When it comes to dealing with difficult patients, you’re not alone. Every practice has them. You fear seeing their names on your schedule. Your staff puts off returning their calls. Clearly, something needs to be done to improve relationships with these patients, but what? Difficult patients are dependent and clingy at best but they may also […]

Patient Communication Revolution

We are in the middle of a communication revolution. There are now so many new ways patients can contact your practice other than via phone. So let’s take a look at all the various ways your patients may contact you & how you can communicate to your patients. Telephone The telephone is still the most […]

Successful Healthcare Practice Marketing Strategies

As a practice owner you’re likely to operate on a small budget and chances are marketing is probably the first place you would start cutting costs. However, it is important to maintain consistent healthcare practice marketing. Your competitors are likely cutting back also and you will have the ability to improve your community share by […]

Stop, Look, and Listen to your Patients

Can we accomplish this in today’s hectic healthcare environment? We can’t afford not to. Too often, patient complaints stem from poor communication and unmet expectations. Stop to consider how important they are. Look at patients and family members and observe their roles and relationships. Above all, listen to them and ask questions to learn all […]

Listen To Your Patients

In the day to day consulting of patients there are many practitioners that just ‘talk too much’. I see it just about every week when I go to practices and sit in on consultations. Most of this unnecessary chit chat is about the weather, football, etc. and not even about the patient’s condition or what […]