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Website Redesign – Is it time for a Website Re-Assessment?

To be sure your website continues to be an effective and informative marketing tool, it should be regularly updated with new information and content. These updates ensure your website earns higher rankings in the intricate processes used by today’s search engines. When a website starts to show its age, it doesn’t attract as much attention. […]

The Must-Do Healthcare Practice Marketing Strategies

Building a healthcare practice is harder than ever. A phone book listing and a hospital affiliation are no longer enough to establish a strong patient base. Instead healthcare practitioners today must take an entrepreneurial approach to marketing—actively seeking out new patients and referral sources. But entrepreneurial marketing does not need to be expensive. Practices can […]

Ways to Make Your Practice More Magical

When you think of magic, what do you think of? Probably something that is unbelievable, astounding – something you have never seen before. Here are a few things to make your practice amazing and standout from the competition. 1. The First Impression How you present yourself and what your patients see when they first walk […]

What “Back to School” can do for Your Healthcare Practice

“Back to school” season is a time of new beginnings. Students get their new class assignments, gather all of their books and supplies, reconnect with friends, and kick off a brand new year of learning. The opportunities are endless; it’s all new and fresh and full of possibility. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into […]

Why You Always Need to Market Your Practice

When the economy gets bad, a huge mistake healthcare practices make is to cut down on their marketing expenses to market your practice. Big companies spend a large amount of their income on advertising. This amount tends to be a consistent proportion of their overall income. Consider this: do they spend this amount of money […]

Online Marketing Trends you should not ignore

The capability to use marketing tools and technology without having to pay for traditional advertising is unprecedented. It’s a time where you can now build your own online follower base to market and to get new patients from. The social media networks are at your disposal and with the right tactics and software you can […]

Why Not Establish Your Own Fan Club

A healthcare believer is a patient who talks favourably about your practice and your services and passes on positive word-of-mouth to other people within the community. This is great, right? Healthcare believers are great for your practice as they help to build your reputation, attract new patients and get people talking about your practice. True […]

Healthcare Practice Marketing – Simple But Effective

When marketing your practice, do you do this? I’m sure you have been told before that healthcare practice marketing is more than just advertising. Having multiple marketing strategies in place is the best way to keep your practice growing and new patients through the door. It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as […]

Five Tips to Help Your Practice Grow

What I will say to you now may come as a bit of a surprise but in order for your practice to grow fast, it needs to grow slowly first. By that I mean that you need to ensure that your practice is ready to grow before you take off. Can you handle the influx […]

Improve Your Google Ranking with Blogs

This article is for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Anyone who has some sort of digital involvement should care about SEO. Without getting too complex, SEO is the great game we’re all trying to win online. Essentially it’s about crafting your online channels, like your website or social media profiles, to help you rank on the […]