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From Start-Up to Selling Your Healthcare Practice

Hundreds of small healthcare practices start up or change hands every year. New practice owners quickly learn what it takes to survive and create successful practices while establishing the work/life balance we all so desire. It all starts with culture. Culture is about attracting and hiring the people who would be most successful in that […]

Refining Your Online Marketing Strategy

A strange thing has happened now that going online has become crucial for us all: patients are surfing the net in search of what’s happening offline. People want to know what’s happening in the ‘real’ world. They are sceptical of sales pitches and carefully constructed online reputations. They do more research for each and every […]

How to Deal with Difficult Patients

Difficult patients can hamper diagnosis, make treatment harder and infringe on clinical time constraints so that the patient schedule is virtually thrown out of the window. Types of difficult patients tend to fall into three main categories: patients who have difficulty communicating the problem for which they are seeking treatment; patients who fail to comply […]

6 Ways to Stimulate Clever Thinking

No doubt we all want to stay mentally switched on but how do we achieve this between running a practice and treating our patients? 1. Literature With the introduction of tablets and e-readers, reading has never been easier. Reading is an active mental process. It forces you to deal with new ideas. People who read […]

Seven Rules of Healthcare Practice Success

Today I would like to share Steve Jobs’ Seven Rules of Success and my interpretation for our healthcare industry. 1. Do What You Love. Do you LOVE being a healthcare practitioner? If not, it’s time to move out of the profession and into something you do love, or do whatever it takes to fall in […]

Brainstorming to Turn Ideas Into Action

Practice owners often get so caught up in the day to day running of their practices that it’s easy to forget about the importance of planning – many practice owners just want to get out there and ‘do it’. It’s easy for anyone to fall into this trap, with many practice owners being time poor […]

Listening to Patients

In the day to day consulting of patients there are many practitioners that just ‘talk too much’. I see it just about every week when I go to practices & sit in on consultations. Most of this unnecessary chit chat is about the weather, football, etc. & not even about the patient’s condition or what […]

Five Tips to Handle Job Interviews

As a small business, time and resources are naturally more limited, even to the extent of not having a dedicated HR department or person. Never the less, the same laws of discrimination apply in the interviewing and hiring of staff. 1. Taking the process seriously – Even as a small company, there’s no reason why […]

How To Make Employees More Productive

Most companies are extremely aware of their external markets such as clients, customers, distributor networks and even vendors. But many fail to realize that employees make up an internal market. There are plenty of organizations that bend over backwards to get feedback and input from customers and clients. Far fewer work as hard to get […]

Top 5 Ways to Set Achievable Practice Goals

If you want your practice to be a success this New Year, you need to first define what that means. You cannot measure your success without a target, and that starts with goal setting. All practice owners have a broad sense of what it means to set goals. Especially during this time of year, these […]