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Why you need a social media person in your Practice

When you create your social media strategy, it’s a great idea to use the opportunity to engage all of your staff with their ideas about interesting tweets and blogs. Once you have contribution from your team, its best to have only one person who approves it (once approved other people can upload it). Building your […]

How to Resolve Conflict in the Healthcare Practice

Leadership and conflict go hand-in-hand, and if you cannot or will not address conflict in a healthy, productive fashion, you should not be in a leadership role in your practice. The fact of the matter is conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. It will find you whether you look for it (good idea – more […]

What “Back to School” can do for Your Healthcare Practice

“Back to school” season is a time of new beginnings. Students get their new class assignments, gather all of their books and supplies, reconnect with friends, and kick off a brand new year of learning. The opportunities are endless; it’s all new and fresh and full of possibility. Wouldn’t it be great to tap into […]

How to deal with Difficult Patients

When it comes to dealing with difficult patients, you’re not alone. Every practice has them. You fear seeing their names on your schedule. Your staff puts off returning their calls. Clearly, something needs to be done to improve relationships with these patients, but what? Difficult patients are dependent and clingy at best but they may also […]

How to Build a Strong Healthcare Practice Team

If your practice is busy and growing, it is a good reflection of your team. It shows that you are working together as a team towards achieving something great and meaningful. On the other hand, if your practice is not busy and growing, this usually means that your team is not functioning well. This may […]

How to Make an Effective Agreement with an Associate

In a time when more and more practitioners are moving away from the solo practice model, this particular question is on the minds of many in private practice. Here are some guidelines. Successful contractual agreements with an associate should be based on trust, honesty, ethical behaviour, a fair agreement, and a demand for services. It […]

Five Tips to Help Your Practice Grow

What I will say to you now may come as a bit of a surprise but in order for your practice to grow fast, it needs to grow slowly first. By that I mean that you need to ensure that your practice is ready to grow before you take off. Can you handle the influx […]

Five People You Need on Your Team

As you start a new year and you think about your career and your practice, it is important to remember that you can’t do it all by yourself. When you build a practice, you need a team of mentors around you to help you get better, grow and reach your goals. These individuals—all with unique perspectives—will […]

Breaking Bad Practice Management Habits

You may not think your bad practice management habits are hurting your practice, but they are – in ways you may not even be aware of. None of us are perfect—we all make mistakes. The key is to not repeat them. Yet there are plenty of us who continually do the wrong thing – and […]

Why have an Associate?

So you’re facing a decision in your clinic – to hire an associate or not? Only you know the answer for what’s best for your practice, but I will give the information necessary to make an informed decision. Maybe you need the extra hands to help continue to build your practice and continue to serve your […]