• Schedule the meeting time a few days in advance. This lets your practice employee/contractor prepare what he/she wants to discuss. Be sure to reserve sufficient time for discussion.
• Choose a meeting place that is comfortable and private. Arrange your schedule so you will not be interrupted.
• Avoid discussing motivation or personal issues. Concentrate on the practice employee’s behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour to the individual and the practice. This is a good time to reinforce the requirements of the job.
• Be sure to give the practice employee/contractor an opportunity to discuss his/her feelings and reactions to your feedback.

Important elements of an appraisal discussion
• Establish the purpose of reviewing the performance appraisal and outline the discussion.
• Review results or accomplishments achieved against objectives, emphasizing how these contributed to the practice efforts.
• Discuss causes of problems and reasons for success, emphasizing problem solving and concentrating on future actions.
• Agree on action to be taken and discuss ideas for development. (The meeting to finalize the development plan may be a separate discussion, but the appraisal form cannot be turned in as finished until the development plan is completed.)
• Summarize the discussion and express confidence in the practice employee/contractor ability to succeed.

Remember, the Appraisal process is an interaction
• Listen to your practice employee/contractor. Encourage reactions and suggestions—let him/her say what he/she needs to say.
• If there are areas that need improvement, encourage your practice employee/contractor to come up with solutions for improvement.
• If a practice employee/contractor disagrees with you, allow him/her to discuss his/her feelings. Listen without arguing or defending your point of view. Be prepared to adjust your views, if appropriate. Remind the practice employee/contractor that he/she can comment on any remaining areas of disagreement in the Practice Employee/Contractor Comment section of the appraisal form.