The formula for creating highly effective healthcare advertising is never simple. It works best when you can answer several critical questions before you begin. It is a simple test to evaluate your intended advertising message whether it be online or offline.

With the target audience clearly defined, the first two questions are marketing’s Problem Solution fundamentals.

Problem: Have you clearly defined the individual’s need? What does the audience need or want? Hint: It’s how they feel; what they need or want, and not what you want to ‘sell’.

Solution: What is the answer to their need? Has something been blocking the solution previously? How can you help? Hint: A patient’s solution is a return to being pain-free, return to work or sport, etc.

The 3 vital healthcare advertising questions…

Above and beyond the fundamental Problem-Solution elements are three even more significant questions. How does your intended advertising message communicate these issues and answers to the prospective patient?

  1. What do you do? Provide the audience with an awareness of how unlike anyone else your practice answers their needs. This is not about a procedure, but about delivering personal and emotional benefits in answer to their medical problem.
  2. Can I trust you? The “purchase decision” in healthcare is far more personal than in most service industries. Does your intended advertising message support the practice and provider reputation?
  3. Why you? Differentiation of your unique selling proposition (USP) is the single most important ingredient in effective healthcare advertising. Do you explain why or how you are different and/or better than the competition or other solutions?

Below are important bonus ideas

  1. Carefully craft your healthcare advertising message around these core ingredients. And then ask:
    1. Does the individual know exactly what to do next?
    2. Is there a compelling call-to-action?
    3. Have you motivated them to immediately take the next step?
  2. Also, are you clear, concise and convincing about your USP? This tiny slice of message is what patients are most likely to say about you when making referrals, references and online reviews. If they get the USP message and are able to share it with others, your healthcare advertising will have been successful.