why-customer-service-is-a-marketing-toolMy staff and I love to talk to our clients and classify customer service as an investment rather than an expense that must constantly be slashed and analysed.

So what does this mean to you and your practice?

  • favicon Invest in customer services
  • favicon Invest in your people skills
  • favicon Know your services and products inside out
  • favicon Know your patients and staff members

Why do patients leave?

68%Experience poor customer service
17%Don’t like the service
9%Or the opposition
5%Have new friends in business

What upsets Patients?

  • favicon No staff to assist
  • favicon Ignored, no attention given
  • favicon Staff have very little product/practice knowledge
  • favicon Staff are rude, or talk amongst themselves
  • favicon Staff/practice owner show no interest in the patient’s problem
  • favicon No return phone call
  • favicon No same day service

Why customer service should be a priority

Have you ever had an experience as a customer that affected your day? The way we treat our patients can seriously affect them in either a positive or negative way. A fantastic patient experience can really make someone’s day, and the reverse also applies. It is all about how you to do it. Patients are people like you and I and it is very rare that you would be unreasonable to someone who was doing their best to help you.

Key Points:

  • favicon The patient does not know how busy you are, they want to be looked after now
  • favicon Staff not offering to help can make patients irritated
  • favicon Keeping patients waiting can affect their experience and may influence their decision as to whether they use your practice or not
  • favicon It is the primary duty of ALL employees to look after patients
  • favicon Make your patients feel like family or friends every time they enter your practice
  • favicon Think long-term reputation versus short-term profit

So for a fresh start this year, a great suggestion is to make your plans smart and set some smart team goals around customer service.