Much Noise. No Substance.

A prominent health practitioner with tons of experience picks up a local newspaper and sees an ad for a competitive practice. The other practice has significantly less experience, but they do have a half page, full colour Ad. And to the public they look like the biggest practice in town.

The prominent practitioner tells us candidly that this kind of thing drives him crazy. Maybe you can relate to his extreme frustration. It’s a cry of anguish I have heard dozens of times in healthcare practitioner marketing.

The clinic with the big ad has almost no experience in the service they’re advertising, but patients don’t know the difference. The other guys made a splash, and it’s obvious that they’re serious about advertising.

Experience or not, they’re a competitive force because “he who claims it loudest and first will often win.” It’s difficult for consumers to see distinctions among professionals, and near impossible for them to find you if you don’t promote yourself.

If you’ve felt this kind of frustration and done nothing, there are two options.

  • favicon You do nothing, remain frustrated and forfeit the competitive game
  • favicon Or you go for it

The prominent practitioner can fight back and take ownership of the marketplace. The practitioner with experience can advertise that experience with solid proof.

It takes determination and a budget–there are no shortcuts.