driving-your-practice-is-like-driving-a-carWhy did you start up your own practice? Chances are it’s because you thought you could do better than others.

Generally small practices are good at what they do, but not so good at planning.

If you think about driving your practice like driving car, the road ahead can be a smooth journey.

  1. Learn how to drive and “get your licence”
    There are few rules involved in setting up your own practice, so to maximum your success you must learn from others. Speak to friends, family and mentors about how they got started – the good, the bad and the ugly. Absorb all the information and use it wisely.
  2. Regular Servicing
    Regular servicing of your car is essential and so is servicing your practice. Give your practice a health check and tune the areas which need tweaking. Doing a SWOT analysis is a great way of identify areas in need of help.
  3. Don’t Run Out Of Fuel
    Make sure you’ve selected the right fuel for your practice. The fuel being your staff, technology and processes. Without these being right the practice will splutter and cough.
  4. Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead, Not in the Rear-View Mirror
    When you’re driving you keep your eyes on the road ahead and occasionally glance in the rear-view mirror. You can apply the same technique to your practice. Use the knowledge of where you’ve been to keep you moving forward and taking the right turns.
  5. Plan Your Trip Wisely
    You plan a road trip on a map, assessing the best roads to take and the easiest way of reaching your destination. The same planning must be applied to your practice. You can’t expect to reach the destination if you have no idea of how to get there. Plan the best route for you, but always factor in different scenarios. Looking at different plans will allow you to adapt to changes and cope with things that are out of your control.

Enjoy the road ahead!