facebook-changes-to-business-pagesFacebook Business Pages – The Changes

Facebook is constantly making changes to the design and way things are accessed – for both businesses and individuals.

They’ve made a few fantastic changes in the past couple of years, such as adding call-to-action buttons to business pages.

Recently Facebook has made a number of changes when it comes to managing Facebook Business Pages.

  1. You now have to access your Facebook Business Page on the left side of your personal Newsfeed under “Pages”, and no longer from the upper right corner drop down “use Facebook as” option.
  2. Once you select your Facebook Business Page, you will still be operating under your Personal Profile – therefore at the top of the page you will still see your name and home. Now, all Likes, Comments, Shares and Messages to your Facebook Business Page will be under “Messages” and “Notifications” on the top white toolbar.
  3. To access your Business Page’s Newsfeed, you now need to select “See Pages Feed. Posts from Pages you’ve liked as your Page” on the left side of your business page. Unfortunately, once you access your page’s newsfeed you can’t change it to “most recent”, Facebook determines how you see the feed.
  4. When you like another Business Page, it will appear as if you liked it from your Personal Profile. To like something as your Business Page, you must go to your Business Page’s Newsfeed and click “Like Other Pages”, type in the Business Page in which you want to “Like” and select it from the Search Results. Or an alternative method is to visit the Page you wish to like as your business page, and click on the three dots on the bottom right of the cover image, and select “like as your page”.
  5.  If you want to “Like” or “Share” a post on your Facebook Business Page’s page, you need to ensure that small icon on the right (above the comment field) of the post is selected as your page.
  6. Finally, if you would like to share a post to your Business Page. Click Share at the bottom of the Post, select “share…” from the dropdown, and then choose “Share on a Page You Manage”.

These changes take a bit of getting used to, but it does make it easier to switch between your personal Facebook and your business page. Knowing Facebook, there will be more changes to come.

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