five-people-you-need-on-your-teamAs you start a new year and you think about your career and your practice, it is important to remember that you can’t do it all by yourself.

When you build a practice, you need a team of mentors around you to help you get better, grow and reach your goals. These individuals—all with unique perspectives—will play a key role in helping you reach your practice goals.

The Pro

The Pro has “been there, done that.” They have already done what you hope to do, and with great success. They can tell you what’s likely ahead and how to get there. They’ll keep you focused on how to get where you are going, not just where you’ve been or are today. The Pro helps you determine very tangible next steps for you and your practice and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

The Encourager

The Encourager is a great listener and helps keep you motivated. They help you focus on the positives, not just what could be better. The Encourager may be a friend or family member with some knowledge of your practice, but knows a lot about you. When you are having a bad week, they are the ones to call. They are practice-minded, but help you stay focused on progress, not just on what you wish was better, providing a new perspective and outlook.

The Innovator

This creative mentor will throw out the unconventional idea that helps you stay fresh and current. They may share a book or info on a new technique and will always get your creative juices flowing. The Innovator may not work in your healthcare industry, but their perspective makes you think differently. They challenge you with ideas and information outside of your typical discussions with patients, so you can see new possibilities you didn’t have before.

The Challenger

This mentor is great for testing your thinking and assumptions. They often play devil’s advocate with you to be sure you aren’t becoming complacent or replaying old tapes. The best Challengers push you on your thinking, but with an eye toward making you better in a constructive way.

The Connector

The Connector introduces you to others who can help you grow your practice and career. The best have many contacts and are willing to open some doors for you that you can then carry forward yourself. Connectors are essential if you are trying to start a new practice, as relationships and introductions are critical for success.

So who’s on your Dream Team?