It is now more important than ever that you align your team’s personal values with that of the practice. As an employer, it is your task to positively impact the lives of your employees. If you are hesitant to engage your team, share your healthcare vision and beliefs and fail to reward your team’s contribution, you risk losing valuable ambassadors for your practice and your healthcare philosophy.

Living The Belief
It’s crucial to ensure your practice values are meaningful and relevant to your team to achieve a shared purpose. Having a clear set of values consistently communicated among your team will instil faith in staff that you genuinely want them to achieve their very best. Remember to start this process by recruiting according to these values.

A Higher Purpose
Consider whether you are providing and fostering a workplace that provides a higher purpose, so your team feels part of something that truly makes a difference in their patient’s life. Your staff want more than just to do their jobs. And to bring out their best, you need to encourage and motivate each other. Include at least your office manager but better even your whole team when you make decisions. Encourage your staff to inspire others and lead by example to truly engage them in your practice. Making staff more engaged and involved ensures they feel there is a higher purpose and that they’re a key part of the practice success. Practitioners often overlook to ask their staff for feedback. Yet you can send a strong message about how much you value each team member’s contribution to your practice by taking the time to hear their thoughts and ideas.

A Team Focus
With your practice team you have a great pool of ideas and creativity on hand, so why not dive into that before you plan your next marketing campaign. It’s the team that realises success in practice as they will be the ones who will bring those great ideas to life. Think about how important everyone’s purpose is in your practice and what role they play in achieving those goals.

Reputation Management
Stay honest, genuine and grounded. If you can communicate this throughout all your actions, everything else will follow suit.