In the world of healthcare marketing, it’s no longer enough to promote yourself as a mere healthcare provider. These days, with so many healthcare clinics to choose from as a result of universities graduating many more of us, patients can afford to be pickier than ever. And when given the choice, many patients would prefer a practice that not only markets itself as an effective healthcare provider, but also one that portrays an image as a compassionate healthcare partner.

Wondering how your healthcare marketing can convince patients and locals in the community that your clinic is truly a partner that cares?

Here are some tips:

Organise Support Groups

Set up weekly or monthly support group meetings to assist patients who may be suffering from a particular medical condition, chronic pain, etc. Patients will respect that you’re going out of your way to look out for both their physical and emotional well-being. Of course, make sure your healthcare marketing advertises these support group meetings so patients know such groups are available to them.

Hold Free Screening Events

Three or four times a year, consider devoting a Saturday to inviting members of the community to stop by your clinic for a free screening. Whether screening for spinal pain, osteoarthritis, diabetes or some other healthcare condition, your proactive (and no-cost) approach will demonstrate your commitment to keeping your community happy, healthy and well.

Provide Health Tips and Information

The cheapest way for your healthcare marketing to disseminate important health tips and information is through social media. Consider including quotes from healthcare experts for extra credibility. For instance, in the summer months, you could tweet or post a short quote from a dermatologist about summer sun safety. Regular newsletters are another great tool for distributing health information and simultaneously impressing audiences with a professional piece.