It is very possible for you to achieve your own practice success, but to do so, you have to take action. No single factor guarantees success in your practice, there are many factors you must master & accomplish. When you focus on your goals for your practice, take baby steps and have a little faith in yourself, you can accomplish success in your practice. Following are 5 steps you can take to help accomplish your practice vision.

1.Go boldly after your biggest goals. Identify specific goals that connect to your overall vision for your practice and set a target date for each. Begin working steadily toward achieving them.

2.Be your own No. 1 fan. With humility, keep your name and accomplishments on the radar. Make sure you’re getting the recognition and credit you’ve earned. If you still have doubts, consider that announcing your accomplishments validates the investment others have made in you.

3.Work your staff hard. Many practice owners mistakenly believe they’re doing their employers a favour by not pushing for more. It is the opposite. Expect and push to get the most out of your staff.

4.Make sure you stand out. Do everything you can to ensure that your practice is not seen as interchangeable or dispensable. If you’re able to make the practice invaluable and leverage the characteristics that make it unique, it will be impossible to replace. And when that happens, you’ll be in control of your own practice destiny.

5.Network. It’s normal to gravitate toward people who are the same as you, but in business, a major reason people don’t get ahead is that they don’t connect with people who are a rung or two higher than them on the professional ladder. Mix with practice owners in your field who are doing better than you and learn from them.