how-to-build-a-community-networkCommunity joint ventures are a great way to boost the size of your community network, increase referrals and minimise the fluctuation of practice turnover.

In order for a joint venture to work it must be a win-win situation for both owners. Often healthcare practitioners and fitness/wellness professionals make great strategic partners because they target the same demographics. But, before you approach another business with an offer of a joint venture make sure that you have clearly identified the ways that you can also help their bottom line.

One of the most overlooked aspects of joint ventures is geography. People are rarely willing to travel outside of a 10 km radius from their home to seek services (apart from rural areas). Because of this it makes sense to target other businesses within a 10 km radius of your practice. Once you have identified a solid group of 8-10 businesses/professionals consider kicking off your partnership with a wellness/health/etc. exhibition. A simple event not only allows you to meet potential new patients face to face but it also generates great content for blogs and social media profiles.

To get you started I have listed 10 fitness and health related/wellness professionals that may be interested in strategic partnership.

Personal Trainers

High-end personal trainers typically work with an older, more affluent demographic. This demographic is ideal for healthcare practitioners as they have already expressed an interest in taking care of their body by hiring a personal trainer.

Running Coaches

Preparing for a marathon can be gruelling work. The last thing people who are training for marathons want is a setback in their schedule. Because of this they are excellent candidates for preventive health care measures.

Boxing Gyms

Anyone who has hit a heavy boxing bag knows how important it is to have a healthy core to absorb the impact, therefore boxers can make great healthcare patients.

Dance Studios

Dancing can cause discomfort on the back, knees, and extremities. Routine healthcare treatments not only keeps the dancers pain-free but it also keeps the dance studio’s classes full.

Yoga Studios

Modern healthcare has been known to improve flexibility and balance which are essential components of yoga. Kick off your joint venture campaign by creating a DL sized flyer highlighting the benefits of your practice for yogis.


For larger people, losing weight can be difficult not only from a mental standpoint but also from a physical one. Simple activities like walking, hiking and running can result in major pains which lead to setbacks. Regular visits to a healthcare practitioner not only help the person seeking counsel but also helps the nutritionist maintain progress.

Health Spa

What better way to amplify the relaxing effects of a massage than with regular visits to a healthcare professional? This combination of mind and body is guaranteed to keep everyone, from professional athletes to office working feeling great and being productive.

Adult Sports Leagues

Adult football, soccer and netball leagues are everywhere. These leagues are the perfect place to target weekend athletes in need of some pain management especially the morning after an afternoon of heated play.

Martial Arts Studios

Few sports require such a high level of balance and coordination as the martial arts. Routine healthcare can help a martial artist excel at their practice by keeping them in perfect alignment!

Scuba schools

Scuba divers require complete control of their bodies for extended periods of time. Any pain or discomfort beneath the sea can cause major problems. Add to that the weight of the equipment and routine healthcare starts to make a whole lot of sense.