Need a reason for holiday away from your clinic? Good news: Scientific evidence suggests that you and your employees/contractors will be healthier and more productive if you all take some real breaks throughout the year.

One study showed that employees were able to sleep better and were in a better mood after going away on holiday, and the effects were still felt more than a month after their return. Another study demonstrated that holidays, especially those taken in warmer climates, resulted in increased productivity and less exhaustion for employees. And the famous Framingham Heart Study, a long-term study that began researching cardiovascular health in 1948, found a positive correlation between frequent holidays and longer, healthier lives over a nine-year period.

Understand the Problem
Encouraging your employees/contractors to use their holiday time is both good for them and good for your clinic. If you want to help encourage your employees/contractors to take their time off and come back refreshed and productive, here are a few ideas you may not have considered.

Set an Example
As a practice owner, here’s a compelling reason for a holiday: You have to set a good example. If the boss never takes time off, employees/contractors may feel like they shouldn’t do so either. So set an example by taking regular time off throughout the year. Besides, practice owners need recharging, too. You’ll avoid burnout and set the stage to help your employees/contractors do the same.

If your employees don’t use their holiday time and eventually leave the clinic, you will end up paying them for all those unused days when they leave. So, encouraging those who use all their vacation days could save you money in the long run while at the same time helping your employees avoid stress and burnout.