Clinic employee job descriptions that describe the duties, responsibilities, required qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular staff member are important for your practice. They are based on objective information obtained through a role analysis, an understanding of the competencies and skills required to accomplish needed tasks, and the needs of the clinic.

Clinic employee job descriptions identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific role. They also include information about working conditions, tools, equipment used, knowledge and skills needed, and relationships with other practice members including the principle of the practice.

Effectively developed, clinic employee job descriptions are communication tools that are significant to your practice success. Poorly written clinic employee job descriptions, on the other hand, add to confusion in the practice, miscommunication, and make people feel they don’t know what is expected from them.

If you use clinic employee job descriptions as living, breathing documents that are updated regularly to reflect the changing requirements of each employee, these descriptions can become more of a role plan than an irrelevant document.