just-keep-repeating-what-works-its-easier-than-you-thinkHave you created a piece of advertising; any piece of advertising material which has proven to produce good results for you?

Maybe a Google Adword campaign that made the phone ring off the hook, possibly a flyer that got a massive response or a referral relationship with another local GP or Allied HealthCare practice.

Or maybe your local newspaper did an editorial on you or on your practice, which brought in lots of new patients.

Have you submitted a Press Release to a radio station, resulting in free publicity that generated new patients?

What I’m getting at is this; some practices have a history of successful ads or other promotions or some other kind of successful publicity to draw from? But they fail to make good on-going use of it!

Let’s say you run a successful Facebook paid ad campaign & as a result you are run off your feet in practice.

But after that, what did you do with the ad campaign which caused the great response? Nothing maybe?

What if you were to take a copy of it and re-jigged it to be a Google Ad Words campaign? What if you recycled it as a flyer?

Repeat what has been successful & repeat it in other types of media.