how-to-launch-a-successful-new-websiteAt Medical Website we create websites focused on your industry and your practice, so today I would like to share our tips on how to launch a successful new website.

Friday is not a Launch Day

There are a lot of factors involved in a website launch, which requires great time management skills. In order to ensure things operate smoothly, the launch should happen when everyone involved is easily accessible and ready in advance. And since Fridays are usually a time to wrap up a week and plan for the next, not everyone may be available. Trying to squeeze it in before the weekend may lead to rushing something that normally takes time, and we want to leave as little room for error as possible.

While we often have great intentions to plan well, it’s smart to acknowledge that things generally take longer than originally thought.

Additionally, unforeseen problems can happen during a website launch. If the launch happens on a Friday, technical issues cannot be fixed until the following week.

So what is the best day to launch a new website?

Monday is a day to schedule your week. Tuesday gives everyone plenty of time to plan ahead and be ready for any issue that may arise, while also allowing for several days of time after the launch to address issues and fixes.

What could truly stop your Launch?

A website is a product of many elements working together. It will not ever be pixel perfect.

Setting expectations that things must be perfect undermine the true goal of your website: to interact with your patients! Every piece of software requires updates, new releases and changes. In fact, a website should be improved, and it will continue to be improved as a daily requirement of your website’s SEO.

Be careful when prioritising what you would like versus what you need. This is especially true if you want to launch on time, under budget, and with as few errors as possible.

It is better to launch with a few things thoroughly tested and of high quality, and communicate clear goals, than to try to launch with many things that may confuse the true purpose of your message.

The Pre-Launch Deadline

The question is, when will we stop touching the site? This date needs to be, at minimum, a few days before the launch and must be treated as untouchable.

  • favicon No more small issues will be fixed.
  • favicon No more small errors will be identified.
  • favicon No more features will be added.
  • favicon No more new ideas will be implemented.

Having a deadline that is not the launch date allows for the launch date to focus on just that: the launch. Because a website is a product of many people’s efforts and many hands, having a period where no one is touching it is important to evaluate your success.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You’ve worked hard. Your content is ready. Your team is excited.

Stay excited! Positive reinforcement goes a long way. All issues can be fixed.

If all parties are calm and remain positive, your website will launch successfully….just NOT on Friday.