Sitting down to write a clinic vision statement can be a daunting task even for the most focused and switched on clinic owners. A powerful clinic vision statement stays with you, such as Google’s “To provide access to the world’s information in one click.” or Instagram’s “Capture and share the world’s moments.” But for many clinics here in Australia, vision statements are relegated to unassuming posters in the reception waiting area or staff lounge, forgotten even before they are hung up.

However, not every vision statement needs to reconcile itself to having no real function. Clinic owners willing to be leaders in their efforts and committed to doing the hard work can create a vision statement for their clinic that encapsulates their clinic’s core ideals and provides a roadmap to where it wants to go.

“A clinic vision statement reveals, at the highest levels, what action must be taken.”

A clinic vision statement provides a concrete way for employees and contractors, to understand the meaning and purpose of your clinic.

Why does this matter? Research shows that employees who find their company’s vision meaningful have engagement levels of 68%, which is 18 points above average. More engaged employees are often more productive, and they are more effective corporate ambassadors in the larger community.

Given the impact that a vision statement can have on a company’s long-term success, and even its bottom line, it is worth taking the time to craft a statement that synthesizes your ambition and mobilizes your staff for your clinic