Over the last 2 weeks we have started to uncover some proven ways to help you grow your practice and add new patients. Here are 5 more ways:

11. Embrace technological advances: Young patients are keen on having a technologically connected healthcare experience, and you can easily achieve it through cost-effective technical updates. For instance, instead of calling your clinic for an appointment, patients should be able to book online thru your website. If patients are satisfied with the convenience offered by your clinic, they’ll be more likely to attend and refer other similar potential new patients to your practice.

12. Be responsive: Always staff yourself adequately if you notice an increase in the number of patients. Recruit extra staff to expand your existing services and, if possible, add new services to meet the needs of new patients. By meeting local demands in a strategic and timely manner, you can increase the number of patients and grow your practice. Adding extra staff this way is cost effective and the extra number of patients you can see per day in the practice will greatly increase your ROI and profit.

13. Deliver quality service: There is no way your patients will refer your practice to others if they aren’t satisfied with your attitude and services plus of course outcomes and results. You have to show real interest in your patients. Your manners and the look and feel of your clinic are extremely important. You must be able to communicate well with your patients and make your presence positive and uplifting.

14. Be flexible: Your office hours and appointment schedule must suit that of your patients. If your patients need early morning appointments, lunchtime or evening hours won’t work for them. You have to make yourself available at their convenience.

15. Ask for referrals: Patients usually don’t refer unless you ask. The simplest way to ask for references is to inform your existing patients that you have room for new patients or that you are adding new services. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations and don’t forget to thank them for referrals. This is very simple and obvious, but it does work.