Over the last 3 weeks we have started to uncover some proven ways to help you grow your practice and add new patients. Here are 5 more ways:

16. Become a referrer: Fostering relationships with GP’s, specialists and other healthcare practitioners is a two-way street. Other GP’s & healthcare practitioners will be interested in referring patients to you if you’ve been referring patients their way. It is always best for the patient to refer them to the best-in their field.

17. Send email reminders: Emails are one of the best ways to remind patients to come by for scheduled check-ups (you can follow up this email with a SMS or call if you do not hear back from them). You can schedule follow-up emails after each appointment to ensure your patients never miss their check-ups. You can also stay in touch with your regular patients throughout the year with health news and updates about your practice or something that has come up in the media that is topical for your practice and patients.

18. Use email marketing: Email marketing to your existing patients (likely inactive patients) is something not to overdo. Promotional offers to try and re-activate inactive patients can work well as long as they are not overdone.

19. Invest in local SEO: Make sure you include local SEO strategies in your marketing mix so that your practice shows up in local search results. This is because when potential new patients are searching for your type of service/clinic online, you want your practice to come up with the first few on top (ideally in the top 3 – “above the fold”). Having your practice website appearing in the top 3 slots of a search engine is essential for attracting new patients.

20. Get listed in local online directories: More than 70 percent of people searching for allied health practices make their selection based on local listings in online directories such as Google, www.yelp.com.au, www.localsearch.com.au, etc. Listing your practice in an online local directory is a great way to steer targeted traffic to your website.