Over the last 4 weeks we have started to uncover some proven ways to help you grow your practice and add new patients. Here are the last 5 ways which we will cover:

21. Generate media exposure: The right amount of media exposure can attract a large volume of new patients and increase the branding of your practice. Generating media exposure requires time, effort and a thorough understanding of how each media works. When done properly, media exposure can bring tremendous results for your practice. Look at more than just traditional exposure such as radio ads & the local paper – go digital.

22. Post real pictures of your staff: Personalize your practice website and make it an extension of your clinic. Instead of using stock and generic photos on your practice website and social media profiles, post real-life pictures of your team and office. Real-life images will display the comfort of your clinic and add some personality to your practice website. I recommend a professional photographer to do this, it is not expensive & will be money well spent.

23. Re-engage past patients: Set up a system for monitoring patient appointments and sending reminders to those who have “dropped-out of care”. Even if a patient seems reluctant to return to your practice, you might convince them to come back especially with a personal phone call.

24. Take all cases seriously: Always answer patient calls, especially emergency calls, promptly. If patients are suffering and you are not available for them, they will never come to see you again. If you are available for patients in times of an emergency and go above and beyond for them, they will not waste a minute in spreading the good word about your practice.

25. Brochures and business cards: Brochures kept in your office that are actively passed on to your patients (which can be passed onto others) can be an effective marketing tool.

As the private practice healthcare market continues to evolve, you should regularly review your healthcare marketing strategy. You must regularly review how valuable your existing patients are. Over time, patients who used to be highly profitable might demand fewer consultations. Other new patients may increase their spending or consultation frequency with you. It is advised to keep an eye on patients’ future potential, as well. Working with your patients can help you identify ways to develop new services & also products that you can sell.