Here are 5 ways practices can motivate their front desk staff to exhibit these behaviours. These tips rely on two main qualities that practices must possess.
To motivate your staff you must be a good leader and communicator. Your staff looks up to you and mirrors your attitude. Your enthusiasm for the service you provide will be contagious.

1. Use weekly staff meetings to rev up the front desk. Ask each staff member to bring an idea about how to increase practice revenue. The staffer with the best idea gets a gift card. (Don’t go cheap!) Put the winner in charge of implementing the new idea. Follow up to find out how it’s going and whether she needs help.

2. Reward your staff for selling or up selling services. Whether they sell additional types of treatment or get patients to accept a new product offering, reinforce your staff’s sales ability. Cash, gift cards, free products / services or paid time off all work well.

3. Let your staffer try a treatment or use a new product for free so she talks about it to patients. Who better to talk up these services to your patients than a satisfied patient who happens to work for you?

4. Reward your front desk for following up with patients who haven’t scheduled treatment. Even if it’s part of your front desk person’s job, support the action. Have staff document these calls and conversations. Reward them for each patient they follow up with who accepts treatment. Patients are more likely to book appointments if they feel that you and your front desk staff are attentive and caring.

5. Educate, educate, educate. Bring your staff to a tradeshow or sign them up for a practice management or product-focused seminar. Exposure to experts who explain products and potential results will be priceless. When staffers pass this information on to patients they will sound informed and will inspire trust.