If your clinic is growing, it will be time to hire probably both clinical & reception staff. Before you start hiring new employees or contractors, you may want to address the following issues.

1. Start the hiring process as soon as possible.
It may take you longer to hire employees or contractors for your clinic than you anticipated especially if you are in a regional area. If you want to hire staff in a few months, then now may actually be the perfect time to start recruiting employees or contractors for your clinic.

2. Have a ‘Careers’ portion on your website.
This section can show those interested what your clinic is all about, including your culture, plus who or what type of employee or contractor you are looking for.
You can even have an application part of your website, this needs to be responsive and mobile friendly if you want people to apply for jobs.
And when it comes to the online job application, avoid having too many questions or it being too onerous and lengthy of a process to get through. If you have more than 10 to 15 questions, and if it takes more than 15 minutes to fill out, you may have greater than a 50 percent abandonment rate.

3. Pay attention to the reception or clinical staff you’re hiring.
Try to resist the temptation to hire reception or clinical staff without scrutinizing whether they’re truly right for the job.
Slow & ‘good’ hires will make the transition smoother for everyone.
Even though you may be in a rush, try not to rush. Take your time & fill the slots with the right people.

4. Consider all the costs, not just the salaries.
Yes, if you’re hiring new staff for your clinic, your payroll will go way up & so will everything else. You may have to give a lot of human resources hours to your Practice Manager to preparing administrative paperwork.
Along with that, you may have to fork over additional revenue on office furniture, software licenses and medical equipment or uniforms that your reception staff use. There may also be training costs associated with hiring, including losing productivity until the new employees are in sync with everyone else.

Final Words
In other words, make sure that you’re prepared before you bring on new employees or contractors for your clinic. If you are ready, your hiring could usher in an era of growth and prosperity. But if you aren’t prepared, you could be looking at a hiring spree that someday turns into a firing spree.