Last week we outlined 3 more potential negatives of having job descriptions for your employees. In this final week we will discuss the 3 final negatives of having strict job descriptions.

1. Limits Innovation
Job description in few cases tends to typecast the applicant that means being an initiative or improving the methods and procedures are prohibited, which in turn means your clinic may suffer from lack of innovation and improvement and also turn away some potential applicants.

2. Poorly Written
Poorly written job descriptions for your clinic have the potential for your employees or contractors to commit wrongdoing and negative activities. This could include activities that negatively impact the clinic, the patients and the overall staff and clinic morale. Not to mention the potential risk for illegal activities to be accidently done as employees or contractors may not understand what is being asked of them.

3. Keeping It Balanced
Potential job candidates and employees can be negatively affected by an overly written job description. A job description with an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities may overwhelm even the most qualified employee or contractor, and an overly written one can confuse the potential candidate or impart a negative impression about the clinic. As a result, some may feel too intimidated to apply for the job or become overwhelmed after a short time working for the clinic.