why-patients-say-noSo, why is it that some patient’s say no to your services or do not commit to any level of care or treatment?

Some of the reasons why patients do this are…

  1. No Trustyou have not established trust with the patient.
  2. No needthey see no need for your service at the time.
  3. No helpthey cannot see how you can help them.
  4. No hurrythey may like the solution you have but don’t need it now.
  5. No Moneythey don’t have the money. This reason is last, as the availability of finance & the level of credit card debt in this country suggests that when we want it strong enough, most people/patients are able to find the money.

For today, let’s just look at trust.

How do you establish trust?

Trust, or lack thereof, is often considered the number one impediment to patients committing to your care or treatment.

So how does your practice, yourself & your staff establish trust with your potential patient or patient?

Businessman Bill Lang has developed what he calls ‘The 4 C’s of establishing trust’ & here is my adaptation as it relates to practices:

  1. Characterwhat does your practice stand for? Your mission statement? Your values? Your ethics?
  2. Commonality do you appeal to your target patients? Do they want to become patients of yours?
  3. Credibility do you run a credible practice? Do you understand your patient’s wants & needs?
  4. Competenceare you competent? Do you have a reputation for a quality service?

If you can answer YES to the above then potential patients & patients are likely to feel confident with your services & products. These 4 C’s apply to your staff as well as your brand.