The healthcare market is different in Australia (& all over the world) and will be for a while, and as your revenue is dropping (not one clinic I know of has escaped a revenue drop) you need to look at what you can pivot or change in your practice right now to turn the situation around. As to continue only with what you did in the past… well you know your future. So you NOW need to come up with new strategies to work on with your current patients, database or new niches to make money in your practice in different ways.

Of course, start off by taking all the stimulus packages offered by the Australian Government, they are there to assist you in these tough times.

Below are some strategies for you to consider – as you read through them, ask yourself how could this apply to my practice to identify some new opportunities?

Most of the following strategies are what you can do 100% yourself. But, you may wish to outsource areas that you are not comfortable with nor have the skills for.

What can you sell online in your practice?

Sell your clinic products online – all markets are seeing a massive increase in online sales. Get in on it, market your online shop to sell your health related products to your data base & the wider web community.

As you are in the service industry move your consultations online? 3rd party payors such as WorkCover, TAC, etc. are now all allowing telehealth consultations. Sell the value of these to your private paying clients as well, maybe market these at a reduced fee for the time being to private paying clients.

What could you create that you could sell?
o eBook / Guide / Video ‘how to’: Use the knowledge you have of your patient needs to create a product to help people with such as; exercises to do if you have XYZ condition or home advice                for XYZ condition. If you have the knowledge but not the writing skills, dump down your thoughts and I can revise it into something for you. Talk to me about the variety of options                              available to sell this online.