We continue our series on the importance of Job Descriptions… “If you use clinic employee job descriptions as living, breathing documents that are updated regularly to reflect the changing requirements of each employee, these descriptions can become more of a role plan than an irrelevant document.”
Over the next few weeks I will uncover the Positives About Job Descriptions…
Job descriptions that have a positive impact on a clinic employee’s understanding of their job and the standard of performance that is expected provide the following components.

Help You Cover Yourself Legally
As an example, for compliance with the FairWork, you’ll want to make certain that the description of the requirements of the job are accurate down to the letter.

Help Clinic Employees, Who Must Work With the New Practice Staff Member, Understand the Boundaries of the Person’s Responsibilities
People who have been involved in the hiring process at your clinic are more likely to support the success of the new employee or even promoted staff member such as a junior receptionist moving up to a senior role. Developing employee job descriptions is an easy way to involve people in your practice success.
Remember, as you develop employee job descriptions, recognize that they are one component in an effective clinic performance appraisal system.