Last week I outlined the importance of Job Descriptions… “If you use clinic employee job descriptions as living, breathing documents that are updated regularly to reflect the changing requirements of each employee, these descriptions can become more of a role plan than an irrelevant document.”

Over the next few weeks I will uncover the Positives About Job Descriptions…
Job descriptions that have a positive impact on a clinic employee’s understanding of their job and the standard of performance that is expected provide the following components.

Provide an Opportunity to Communicate Your Clinic Direction and Inform Employees How They Fit Into the Big Picture
Whether you’re a small clinic or large clinic or a multi-site set of clinics, well-written clinic employee job descriptions will help you align employee direction with your clinic direction and the strategic plan for the clinic.
Alignment of employees with your goals, vision, and mission spells success for your clinic. As the practice principle and the leader, you’re guaranteeing the trans-functionality of all of the positions and roles needed to satisfy your patients.

Set Clear Expectations About What You Expect From Your Clinic Staff
Ferdinand Fournies, in “Why Don’t Employees Do What They’re Supposed to Do and What To Do About It?” says that worker expectation is the first place to look if people aren’t doing what you want them to do. He says you need to make certain that all employees clearly understand your expectations—and that understanding starts with the employee job description.