is-your-practice-happyYes it’s a serious question, is your practice happy, when you get there at the start of the day are you happy about being there? Are the staff happy too…

If not what’s missing?

  • favicon Great systems, policies & procedures to work on & follow.
  • favicon Great patients.
  • favicon Great clinic space…

If there are certain aspects of the practice that are not making it a happy place to be then insert a ‘happiness officer’ (it could be any staff member from a receptionist to your head clinician) and invite them to find out how things could be happier in the practice workplace.

Perhaps start with the list above and see if things evolve from there.

Take Action!

Get the ‘happiness officer’ and perhaps a few others to figure out some ways to break the “sad” cycle.. and get happy.

  • favicon Try a google search of ideas for a happy workplace, make a list of a few you can implement now (at low cost).
  • favicon Ask how to make meetings fun, then have one just for the hell of it and see if you can get people to laugh (for all the RIGHT reasons…)
  • favicon Have a fun morning tea (no need to get elaborate just yet just have fun).


  • favicon Having fun at someone’s expense is only short term and useless, one’s pain is NOT another’s gain.
  • favicon Keep it cheap and “cheerful”, quick and easy… Organisation should take the shortest time possible to keep it hassle free.
  • favicon Try moving the job about so the whole team can be the ‘happiness person’.
  • favicon Jokes sent via email is not really a bonding option, it’s more localised but funny quotes might be a different option, sparking debate perhaps.
  • favicon Give out laughter awards, simple and easy a great way to keep the team engaged in the whole idea and boost morale!

Push for creative and innovative options, you might just find some great ways to lighten the mood at work and keep things pumped and effective.