As a clinic owner, having an entrepreneurial mindset is a given, you are doing much more than just seeing patients.

But what about the rest of the clinic staff, both reception & the clinical team.

Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in every corner of your clinic has its advantages. It can be an opportunity to get an upper hand over your local clinic competitors, to improve your patient services, processes, patient outcomes all to gain and retain current patients and to attract new patients.
So how do you foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your clinic’s culture? The following strategies might be helpful in getting you started. Last week we tackled “Promote a single focus: the patient” see below for today:

2. Get your staff excited on the purpose behind what they do.
To encourage reception & clinical staff to act as entrepreneurs within their role in your clinic, try getting them motivated to go beyond their role description. You can give your staff a reason to get out of bed in the morning besides earning a salary.

Fostering a culture that values and promotes an entrepreneurial mindset throughout your clinic can be a competitive advantage in our fast-paced, complex and ever-changing healthcare environments.

You can do this by connecting the dots to show everyone how their role matters, no matter where they fit on the clinic, whether they have a reception or clinical role. Being able to answer the following questions can help:

• What’s the purpose or meaning behind your service?
• How does it make the patient’s life better?
• How does it improve the local community and beyond?

This connection to a higher purpose can help give meaning your reception & clinical staff then may help engage your employees’ & or contractors hearts, not just their minds.