As a clinic owner, having an entrepreneurial mindset is a given, you are doing much more than just seeing patients.

But what about the rest of the clinic staff, both reception & the clinical team.

Promoting an entrepreneurial mindset in every corner of your clinic has its advantages. It can be an opportunity to get an upper hand over your local clinic competitors, to improve your patient services, processes, patient outcomes all to gain and retain current patients and to attract new patients.

So how do you foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your clinic’s culture? The following strategies might be helpful in getting you started. Last time we tackled “Make Space for New Ideas in YOUR Clinic”… see below for today:

Create an Environment of Psychological Safety.

Fear of local clinic competition and the fear of taking a risk with your practice and making a mistake are the antithesis of the entrepreneurial mindset in clinic owners.

With regards to your staff you can help reduce those fears by making them (more so Practice Manager & or reception staff) feel safe to take calculated risks within the parameters of their roles. When a mistake is made, consider using it as an opportunity for everyone to learn. Be mindful not to make your admin staff feel embarrassed or develop insecurity because of the mistake. This may stop them from coming to you with new ideas for the clinic and may sabotage your efforts to promote an entrepreneurial mindset in the clinic.