5. They don’t communicate of the vision
This sounds like an obvious point, but it’s so easily neglected. Employees or contractors want to feel excited and passionate about the clinic they work for and need to see a clear vision on the horizon. If an clinic fails to promote the brand internally and fails to successfully communicate the goals of the clinic as a whole – employees can soon lack direction and drive. If there’s a lack of vision, people may look for inspiration in a different practice.

6. They don’t employ effective leadership
In any practice, there needs to be robust leadership in place. A lack of strong, consistent leadership is a prevalent reason for an employee or contractor exodus. As outlined above, encouraging open, honest feedback is a good way to highlight any pockets of dissatisfaction within the clinic as a whole – which may point towards poor leadership. Practices must ensure that their employees or contractors are equipped with communication skills – which may involve additional, ongoing training.

7. They pay lower than market average
If you’re paying your employees or contractors a salary that is significantly lower than the market rate, you need to really incentivise them to stay. If you’re not working hard to keep them engaged and providing decent progression opportunities, then money becomes a much bigger issue. Remember that it can be more expensive to lose good employees or contractors and hire new ones than giving someone a pay rise that they might deserve.