Healthcare Practice Sales is part of the Ideal Practice stable, and has its own specialised team dedicated to finding the right buyer for your practice.

So you have decided to sell your practice. Maybe you would like a change from practice management to purely seeing patients, or you have reached your personal goals and it’s time to move on, or your priorities have simply changed. Whatever the reason, selling your practice may be daunting but with the Healthcare Practice Sales “Selling Your Practice Program” this will be easier than you may think.

Selling Your Practice Program

From practice evaluation, advertising to sales administration and legal assistance, the Healthcare Practice Sales “Selling Your Practice Program” offers all that and more…

Practice Valuation Assistance

We can give recommendations on the sale price of your practice from specific KPI’s, local market knowledge, etc. Along with this, a full accountancy firm valuation will need to be done. This can be done by your current accountant or we can get an independent firm to do this aspect, which we would then provide a quote on first before you proceed.

Sales Prospectus

With the aid of the valuation from point ‘Practice Valuation Assistance’ we will create a sales prospectus that can be emailed or posted to serious applicants.

Sales Plan

We will put together a sales plan and draft and run all ads for you. You, as the seller, are responsible for the actual cost of each ad.

Free On-line Listing

We will put a tailored advert on the Healthcare Practice Sales website. Check out other listings here.

Email Marketing

Your practice will be marketed to our Existing Buyer’s Database where we match your practice to specific buyers on our list.

One-On-One Screening

A sales team member will personally screen all leads that come through and follow these through to the more serious application stage. From this point on we will engage you, the seller, but prior to this point keep you fully informed as to all leads and applications.

Unlimited Calls, Email and Fax Contact

You can call, email or fax us any time through the week regarding the sale of your practice. A structured weekly or bi-weekly call can also be arranged if required.

Negotiation On Sale Assistance and Support

We will personally work with you, the seller, and the interested party to obtain the best price for the sale of your practice in the fastest time frame. What level of negotiation you want us to perform on your behalf is entirely up to you; it can be 100% (where you are not directly involved with the purchaser) OR anything less where you have partial to some involvement directly with the purchaser.

Legal Assistance and Support

We will liaise with you and your legal team for the best and fastest time frame to finalise the sale. The legal documentation can be done by your current legal firm or we can get an independent firm to do this aspect that we would then provide a quote on first before you proceed.

So let us sell your practice for you. Contact us on 1300 652 361 or complete this short form below for more information.

Visit our Healthcare Practice Sales website for more information and tips on selling your practice.