Hiring a new employee is a time consuming yet vitally important process. When you have a busy practice and an open position within it, the task of finding your new employee may be met with a feeling of dread. There will be hours spent sorting through resumes and interviewing candidates, which means time taken away from patients. If you cannot afford to lose the time that you will need to put into the hiring process, then it is time to consider using Ideal Practice for your recruitment requirements.

Healthcare Practice Recruitment Will Be Seamless

We will put together a recruitment schedule tailored to the position, creating an efficient process and delivering best outcome for your practice.

Position Description

We will develop a specific position description for the vacancy at your practice including the overall purpose of the position, general duties, job related duties as well as confidentiality and OH&S clauses.

Job Advertisements (online and print media)

According to what is specified in the position description, we will create a job advert for your position and run all ads for you. You are responsible for the actual cost of each advert.

One-On-One Screening and Phone Interviews

A recruitment team member will personally interview all potential candidates during a pre-selection process. From this point on we will engage you and arrange personal one-on-one interviews with the best applicants, but prior to this point keep you fully informed as to all applications.

Employment Contract

Drawing up an employment contract that states the terms of employment, as agreed by the employer and the employee, is good practice. We will review your existing contracts or develop a new contract for your new employee.

Remuneration and Legal Advice

We will liaise with you throughout the final stages of the recruitment process and provide advice on industry standards for remuneration, contract setup and general Human Resources matters.

Unlimited Calls, Email and Fax Contact

You can call, email or fax us any time through the week. A structured weekly or bi-weekly call can also be arranged if required.

Contact us on 1300 652 361 or complete the short form below for more information on how we can assist you during the recruitment process.