The majority of your patients and potential patients are using Facebook. There are now 13 million Australians active on Facebook each month and they’re some of the heaviest users in the world.

According to a Nielsen report commissioned by the social media giant in January 2015, stats reveal the average time Australians spend on Facebook every day is 1.7 hours.

Facebook is a recognised marketing tool and something you should seriously consider.

Social connections and genuine communication are integral parts of social media, and a Facebook page for your practice gives you a unique opportunity to attach a face, name and personality to your brand. While your Facebook page may be representative of your practice, it also allows you to show the human side of your practice through one-on-one conversations, personal titbits and non-business interaction.

Even if you automate parts of your social media activity, you can fit in a moderate amount of live, on-the-spot communication to create richer, more “human” relationships.

We know that Facebook can be a daunting place, what to post, how to post, how often should I post, when am I going to get time to post? At Ideal Practice we understand the importance of having a strong Facebook presence, and we also understand that it takes time and effort to achieve this. This is why we can manage your Facebook page for you, leaving you to do what you do best, look after your patients.

Our Facebook Management Package is a cost effective way for you to grow your Facebook presence, to find out more please complete this very short form below.